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        A flame proof crane from Meeka Machinery, which is designed to withstand high temperature and extreme conditions

        5 Biggest Potential but Untapped Industrial Realms where Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers can expand into

        September 18, 2017

        Several industries such as construction, pharmaceuticals, and mining industries already use material handling equipment in India in some of their major processes.


        However, there are numerous other obscure industries where MHE can be of a major help. Based on the nature of the industry and the different types of MHE equipment that can be utilized in the same, MHE manufacturers and suppliers can expand their reaches into new domains.


        Apart from the aforementioned industries, the following are some of the other industries that material handling equipment suppliers can now expand into:



        Aerospace operations usually involve a large number of crucial materials and parts that are available in various sizes and shapes. Some of these materials are heavy and need to be handled with extra care due to the nature of the material that is used. Material handling equipment are now being used to transport these materials across sites in aerospace companies. Some of the main equipment used in this industry include engine dollies, forklifts, landing gear & tire carriages.

        Spice manufacturing industry

        Spice manufacturing industry has grown significantly over the years and now has automated processes for various stages of manufacturing. The industry now has extensive processes such as large-scale production as well as packaging processes. Hence, the industry has a lot of demand for machines and material handling equipment such as forklifts, cranes as well as packaging equipment.



        The mining industry was a very labour dependent industry and did not use any specific machinery till very recent times.? Today, the industry uses various kinds of material handling equipment for important processes such as extracting, processing and transportation of coal. Conveyor systems for transporting coal are one of the common forms of material handling equipment used in the industry.


        A picture showing the conveyor system used in the mining industry


        Packaging manufacturing industry

        Packaging industry has been a subdivision of many industries where material handling equipment have already been used. With the increasing demand for packaging using different materials, packaging industry has several complex processes that would require material handling equipment. Some of the common types of equipment used in this industry include cranes, forklifts, as well as conveyor platforms.


        Renewable energy industry

        Renewable energy companies are rapidly growing with the changing times amidst increasing demand for renewable energy sources. Companies that are into production and installation of renewable energy equipment such as thermal plants and solar panels deal with heavy machinery. As a result, the industry has become very lucrative for material handling equipment manufacturers.

        A flame proof crane from Meeka Machinery, which is designed to withstand high temperature and extreme conditions


        Meeka Machinery’s Journey into Greener Pastures

        While these are only some of the developing industries that the Material Handling Equipment manufacturers in Ahmedabad can venture out into, there is a growing demand for material handling equipment in many similar industries globally. Meeka Machinery is prepared to offer a wide range of equipment for different uses, customized on the basis of the type of load, the type of conditions and the type of environment associated with an industry.

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